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Advanced scar removal serum for all types of scars

Advanced scar removal serum for all types of scars

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Description of active ingredients

Natural vitamin E: When the skin is damaged, the body produces excess free radicals and inflammatory reactions, leading to scarring. Vitamin E can neutralise free radicals and reduce inflammatory reactions, thereby accelerating scar healing and reducing scar formation.

Aloe Vera: Rich in polysaccharides and flavonoids, aloe vera has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and promotes cell regeneration and tissue repair, helping the skin to return to its normal appearance and texture.

Green tea extract: Helps reduce oxidative stress and inflammation during the scarring process, stimulates collagen synthesis and further aids in the regeneration of damaged skin tissues.

Witch hazel: Has anti-inflammatory and pore tightening properties, which can improve the appearance of scars and reduce the formation of hypertrophic scars. Additionally, it affects blood circulation, enhances skin cell metabolism and immune system function.

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